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of video to show you. on the top, of garden city, kansas. also, our look texas and edgewood, new mexico. also, colorado springs, colorado. so far, six people have died because of the storm. they are also worried about thousands of people who are stranded because of the storm on one of the major roads that connects new mexico and texas. we have a map here to show you of the situation. we will zoom in on the area that is affected. interstate said not been--interstate 70. excuse me, i 40 is the road we're talking about. it is about 180 mi.. truckers are stranded on the road or cannot get on it. one of the reasons this was so bad for people trying to lead auburn kirke and go over to texas, said they are only used to about 300 days of snow. a blizzard can for the community. visibility is down to nothing. it is a major mess. >>mark: here is the national map as we are following that storm. all of those areas are seeing bad snow. the system is continuing to track to the east. if any of these airports begin to light up on their status pages, we will let you know if any delays occur. >>james: in
: this is texas and is clear in san francisco. lights are no longer a major issue. they are on inside of the tunnel. fit is only on the cantilever section of the lower deck heading towards the east bay that the lights are out. electricians are on scene. as long as the lights are on inside the tunnel it will not have an impact on the drive. we're continuing our bridge check with traffic maps. we have advisories in place here for the carquinez rate in the benicia average. also still in place for the richmond center fell bridge. fogged advisers have been canceled for the dumbarton. traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. faithfully we're looking at lighter than usual traffic around the bay area. on the golden gate, still quite a bit of fall. here is a look in your communities bay. you will see that it is a smooth ride on interstate 80 with no delays. no delays for the south bay freeways for the traffic is green on all of the roadway sensors. the north bay ride still looks good. in the easy ride all the way down to central san rafael. the drive time is coming in at just 23 minutes
at a depth of 3 mi.. >>mark: in texas police say a person killed six family members as they opened presents on christmas day. he arrived at the home dressed as santa claus. people are-just police are calling this the worst mass killing in texas. for women and three men were found dead. >>darya: a conn house went up in flames and killed five people. the woman's three young children and her parents died in a fire. the firefighters got there right away but could not get to people on the second floor. >>erica: a lot of fog out there overlooking the james lick freeway. definitely hazy in the background. the area of red, just south of santa rosa towards center felt does indicate less than a quarter mile visibility. the widespread agree indicates 2-5 mi. of visibility. within the next couple of hours, the fog should be a thing of the past. we should see temperatures in the 30's and '40's. and by 11:00 a.m. a mixture of the '50s. cooler along the coast. the upper 50s and low 60s for the next several days. fifth >>george: there was a fogged advisory on the toll plaza that was lifted some time ago. t
at the school in the fridge fury if >>mark: snowstorms even in the texas panhandle. winter storm warnings in effect for parts of montana, wyoming, colorado and in new mexico. james fletcher has more on the forecast. >>james: as he saw in that video, a pretty nasty weather in the center of the nation. the bad weather has now migrated to the east and affecting the entire east coast from florida to vermont. at last check book 40 and new work were reporting one hour 15 minute arrival delays because of the nasty weather. check with your carrier if you're going to be flying. here is a view from the mt. tam camera, the sun is coming up in about five minutes. we're looking for patchy fall. a lot of locations are seeing clear skies a lot of sunshine if warm temperatures. tomorrow morning will be cold again. here is the fault impacting locations a lot of santa rosa. visibility is down to under a quarter of a model. off the fog should burn all before noon. freezing conditions in nevada. 30 in santa rosa. 31 in napa. in a lot of locations we're seeing 30 degree weather and a lot of spots that were be
the headline, a raiders player, long injured, a sister killed. he is going to texas to deal with his sister being killed in a shooting. his mother is wounded. then, he has to go play in eight games. the coach said he is going to play. the raiders have a big game against green bay. i wanted to see what green bay's fog. i looked at some of the radio stations and what they were staying on line. third >>gary: if my sister was shot and my mother injured i would not be able to sleep. i hope everything works out for him. for him company is doing what he feels is right. third >>darya: they play under ridiculous conditions! speaking of which, it is cold. i am looking at the temperatures for their raiders game on sunday. it is going to be 17 degrees. >>gary: average time i watch it pro football game, those guys really earn their money! just imagine if a 300 lb. guy comes at you 100 mi. an hour and you are cold like that and he hits you. fas >>darya: not cemented with gatorade freezes. >>gary: death we are smart to go into media. >>darya: we get to stay indoors. thing we get to stay nice and toa
secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> texas a & m tragedy. this was near jacksonville, texas villavisencio attempted to avoid a highway bird. the inadvertently smashed into a big rig and died on the scene. >> this structure had of vulnerable damage. the upper floors during storms could continue with that 5.2 magnitude shook the capital and august. >> check this out! bison in colorado. the 10 in.! plenty of people stuck. and no new snowfall up but plenty of sunshine in the denver area. but they will definitely have plenty of white christmas shops. we will continue to wait for president obama and continued to keep you updated. >>mark: shots have been fired at the hilltop mall for this new air jordan sneakers. no injuries. however one person has been in custody. >>darya: also in ceremanty center with greg sklar live. people are waiting. craig? >> cried crai >>craig: yes, first there issued a wristband from yesterday. this is a line out side. inside, this is video as the line continues towards the store that sells these. it is just a littl
into the bill a plan for speedy government approval of an oil pipeline from canada to texas. that measure will likely mean that the bill dies as the democratic controlled senate. the president has already said he would veto any plan that includes a pipeline. without the extension in the tax cut, americans will start to lose more from their paychecks starting on january 1st. >>mark: the san francisco 49ers are marching down the field and into santa clara is the way that the books. unanimously approved, and $850 million loan to pay for the new $1 billion stadium. the 49ers have been in san francisco since 1946. over the past few years the city has been fighting to keep the team. team executives say the candlestick park longer meets their needs. schools ran is in santa clara with details about the new stadium set to open for 2014. >>will: the next generation of 49ers players will play in this giant parking lot next to great america. with this hurdle over with, construction could begin as early as next year. by the time they are done they will have a 69,000 seat stadium. it will not cost the
texas as the kron4 newsroom, more airplane problems coming to us from fort lauderdale. we have aerial shots of an airplane that went through a fence. it is now sitting basically on a sidewalk near miami. this is the fort lauderdale executive airport. the circumstances surrounding the plane crash are unclear. the plane is a registered to a company based in delaware. right now we do not have details as far as who is on the plane or what happened. we will have more updates throughout the morning. >>erica: focusing in on the weather here is a live look at conditions from the cameras outside. the roof camera does show a slice of blue skies but we are seeing clouds rolling in. we have the potential for wet weather beginning friday and lasting through the afternoon. i will show you that in just a minute. outside the door, upper '30's. warmer conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. forties' of phrases like downtown san francisco. by 10:00 a.m. we will have temperatures widespread in the '50s. as we advance closer to the afternoon we will have patches of green in the north bay oakland wi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8